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White Risk App

White Risk is the app for all those who engage in winter activities in the mountains outside marked and open pistes. By way of the avalanche bulletin and snow and weather data, the smartphone app gives you up-to-date information about the snow and avalanche situation in Switzerland. The White Risk App also provides useful background knowledge to assist in assessing the avalanche danger. Various tools, such as the Danger Analyser, help the user to evaluate the avalanche situation in the field. White Risk does not, however, make any decisions on your behalf. You alone must decide which slopes are safe to use, and which ones are to be avoided.

Furthermore the Tour function provided by the app allows tour plans produced on the Web (on to be depicted on maps offline. 2000 map tiles are included in the standard licence. Additional map tiles can be purchased at 1 CHF per 500 tiles (equivalent to one 1:25,000 map sheet).

The smartphone's GPS function shows the user's current location on the tour plan.

You can also access the snow and temperature data collected by the automatic measuring stations operated by the cantons and the SLF. These data are valuable for backcountry trip planning purposes.

The multilingual app is available as a free download from the iTunes store and the Google Play store.

App White Risk App White Risk App White Risk
App White Risk App White Risk App White Risk