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Some ongoing projects

Summit flora and climate change: repeating historical records


Alpine ecosystems in a changing climate: Experimental CO2 enrichment and warming


Ecology, Evolution and Genetics of the dwarf willow Salix herbacea


Long-term treeline research at Stillberg, Davos

Long-term research site Stillberg in Davos

Climate change and winter tourism: Ecological and economic effects of artificial snow


Natural avalanche disturbance shapes landscape, habitat and plant diversity in the subalpine forest belt


Winter climate change alpine tundra ecosystems


Alpine plant growth detected with the automated climate station network IMIS

Collaboration with the Remote Sensing Group, Department of Geography, University of Bern.

Poster: Fontana, F., Rixen, C., Jonas, T., Aberegg, G., & Wunderle, S. (2007) Poster: Comparison of a remote sensing NDVI time series with ground based measurements from the automated climate station network IMIS. In ISPMSRS07, Davos. Large pdf (10 MB), Small pdf (2.9 MB).

Climate Change, Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in the Alpine Space

Past Projects

Man-made snow: Snow cover, soil and vegetation

Avalanche disturbance and biodiversity in the Dischma valley, Davos

Ecosystem "snow cover"