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Dr. Melissa Dawes - Personal Homepage

Melissa Dawes
Dr. Melissa Dawes
Organisational unit: Forest Soils and Biogeochemistry
Phone: +41814170271
Fax: +41 44 7392 215
Room: Bi HL B 29
Address: Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf

[née Melissa Martin]

Research topics: 

I am currently studying responses of alpine treeline vegetation to simulated environmental change. Some of the topics I am investigating are:

  • Growth limitations of trees at the alpine treeline: responses to carbon dioxide enrichment and soil warming.
  • Responses of treeline dwarf shrubs to environmental change (growth, phenology, reproductive ecology).
  • Impacts of elevated CO2 and soil warming on the freezing sensitivity of alpine treeline plants.


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