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Station data plotted in time charts

In cooperation with the Swiss federal, cantonal and municipal authorities and other interested parties, the SLF operates the Intercantonal Measurement and Information System IMIS. More than 160 stations spread throughout the Swiss Alps measure the wind, temperature, humidity and snow depth and other parameters around the clock. These stations complement the work of the SLF observer network, in which around 210 people assess the snow and avalanche situation and measure standard parameters, such as the amount of fresh snow and the overall snow depth, every day.

In response to large demand, the SLF is giving the public greater access to these data within the framework of its open data philosophy. Since January 2014, visitors to the SLF website have been able to retrieve a time chart showing a station's measured data by clicking on the relevant symbol. The charts for the IMIS stations depict the pattern traced by the data in the last three days (fresh and overall snow depth, air and snow surface temperature, wind direction and speed). For the observer stations, the charts show data for the entire winter (fresh and overall snow depth). Since the observer stations possess long-term data series, the charts also indicate the number of years for which data are available, the highest and lowest measured values, and the average snow depth for each individual day. This information enables users to assess the current winter in a wider context.

New snow depth and snow depth IMIS

New snow depth and snow depth Observers