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Avalanche accidents


Avalanche accidents in current year

Here you will find a table containing an overview of the fatal avalanche accidents that have occurred during the current hydrological year to date. The information is provisional and updated regularly.

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Lawinenunfälle 20 Jahre

Avalanche accidents during the last 20 years

Here you will find an overview about the fatal avalanche accidents in the last 20 years. >> More


Accident reports

The accident reports contain a summary of past avalanche accidents with a brief description of the event and rescue measures, information on the weather and avalanche situation at the time, and the legal consequences. >> More

long-term accident statistics

Long-term statistics

The SLF has been collecting comprehensive data on all the avalanche accidents that have occurred in Switzerland since the winter of 1936/37. These data are compiled and analysed in the annual accident reports published by the SLF. >> More


Destructive avalanche database

In 1998 the SLF began recording in a database all known avalanches that have caused personal injury or property damage. The very extensive destructive avalanche database, which is without parallel worldwide, now contains 14,000 records.>> More



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