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Avalanche bulletin through Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A generally favourable avalanche situation will prevail

Edition: 22.4., 17:00 Next update: 23.4., 17:00 Validity

Level 1, low

Snow drifts

Individual avalanche prone locations for dry avalanches are to be found in particular in extremely steep terrain. Restraint should be exercised because avalanches can sweep people along and give rise to falls.
High Alpine regions: Moderate avalanche danger will prevail. The snow drift accumulations of the last few days are in some cases still prone to triggering especially on very steep north facing slopes. The avalanche prone locations are sometimes covered with fresh snow and difficult to recognise. Ski touring calls for careful route selection.

Wet avalanches as day progresses

As a consequence of warming during the day and solar radiation individual full-depth avalanches and moist snow slides are possible.

Information on snowpack and weather

Danger levels
1 low
2 moderate
3 considerable
4 high
5 very high
European Danger Scale with recommendations