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Liquid Water in Snow

Measuring and Modelling

09.04.2014 - About 50 scientists from more than ten countries participated early in April in a workshop at SLF focusing on "Liquid Water in Snow". More

Weekly report

03.04.2014 - In the Weekly Report of April 3rd you can find out why the wet snow avalanche activity has been limited despite the very sunny weather. More


21.03.2014 - We are looking for people who can participate in a survey on avalanche rescue. We would like to investigate to what extent your decisions are influenced by risk during avalanche rescues. More

Impacts of climate change

14.03.2014 - New report published «CH2014-Impacts», which deals with the quantitative consequences of climate change for Switzerland. More

White Risk    


Dischma experiment

Snow deposits and snow melt

03.04.2014 - What are the processes determining wintertime snow deposits in Alpine terrain? How does the energy balance of a thinning snowpack shift in springtime conditions? And why do some patches of snow persist longer than others? More

Tracking explosive force

27.02.2014 - In order to protect ski runs or roads, the safety authorities often release avalanches as a precaution. A doctoral candidate has been examining what happens in the snowpack when an explosive charge is detonated. More


30.01.2014 - Two SLF employees were at the competition venue to produce the snow and wheather forecasts for the Swiss downhill and cross-country skiers. More

Avalanche bulletins

Forecast for Monday, 21 April 2014

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