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Expedition completed

15.06.2016 - These personal experiences complete the reports on this year's Greenland expedition. More


09.06.2016 - The latest issue of the WSL magazine DIAGONAL has been published. It focuses on the key theme "Research XXL: nature as laboratory ". More

Avalanche bulletin

01.06.2016 - From 1.6.02016 until next autumn, avalanche bulletins are published by the SLF only in the event of heavy snowfall. You can be notified that an avalanche bulletin has been published via SMS or RSS Feed. More

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Snow information

Avalanche bulletin

In the summer and autumn, avalanche bulletins are published only in the event of heavy snowfall. You can be notified of their publication by way of the SMS service or RSS feeds.


Automated weather stations

Plant growth and other measurements
Vegetationsentwicklung in den Alpen

01.06.2016 - Weather stations measure not only snow and wind, they also make it possible to record plant growth. The SLF is using data captured by the stations to investigate how alpine plants have reacted to climate warming in recent years. More

Forests and climate change

09.05.2016 - In large uncultivated forests in Bulgaria, the SLF is investigating the potential reaction of mountain woodland to climate change. More

Snow in the forest

04.04.2016 - A new modelling approach allows more precise simulation of the thermal radiation reaching the surface of the snowpack in forested environments. As a result, forecasting the amount of melt water originating in forest terrain can become more reliable. More