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Technology of the Future

23.05.2016 - The latest results prove it: snow depths can be captured efficiently and inexpensively in the mountains by using drones. This technology opens new doors in the field of snow research. More


19.05.2016 - Five WSL and SLF researchers and a researcher from Cambridge are reporting again this year on their fieldwork on the enormous ice sheet in Greenland's interior. More

Avalanche Bulletin

09.05.2016 - Until further notice the avalanche forecasting service publishes the avalanche bulletin in text form. The information is available on the website and the App White Risk. An RSS Feed of the avalanche bulletin can be subscribed for the updates. More


Avalanche infos

Avalanche bulletin

valid through 27 May 2016

Favourable morning avalanche scenario by and large, wet-snow avalanches as day unfolds


Forests and climate change

Case study in Bulgarian mountain forests
Waldbrand in Bulgarien

09.05.2016 - In large uncultivated forests in Bulgaria, the SLF is investigating the potential reaction of mountain woodland to climate change. More

Snow in the forest

04.04.2016 - A new modelling approach allows more precise simulation of the thermal radiation reaching the surface of the snowpack in forested environments. As a result, forecasting the amount of melt water originating in forest terrain can become more reliable. More

Avalanches in Chile

02.03.2016 - An avalanche simulation model is helping Chilean safety authorities to decide when to close a road that permits access to copper mines. More