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Winter review 2015/2016

A short, warm winter

02.05.2016 - A dry December amidst record high temperatures, followed by heavy snowfall, rain and storms – winter 2015/16 was highly varied and marked by slightly below-average fatal avalanche accidents. More

Annual report 2015

28.04.2016 - The WSL annual report contains last year's highlights and relates financial information, business development and Corporate Governance. More

Weekly report

21.04.2016 - The weekly report published on April 21st is the last weekly report for winter 2015/2016. The next reports will appear on 03.05. and 12.05. In summer the report is published on a monthly basis. More



Snow in the forest

Enhanced snow melt models

04.04.2016 - A new modelling approach allows more precise simulation of the thermal radiation reaching the surface of the snowpack in forested environments. As a result, forecasting the amount of melt water originating in forest terrain can become more reliable. More

Avalanches in Chile

02.03.2016 - An avalanche simulation model is helping Chilean safety authorities to decide when to close a road that permits access to copper mines. More

Remote sensing

01.02.2016 - More precise data on natural hazards such as avalanches and rockfalls can now be collected thanks to remote sensing devices mounted on drones, aeroplanes, helicopters or satellites. More

Avalanche bulletins

Danger through Friday, 6 May 2016

Edition: 04.05., 17:00

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