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Rockfall nets

New simulation model

19.05.2015 - Thanks to a new SLF computer model, industry will be able to design rockfall nets more cost-effectively and efficiently in future. More

Greenland research

08.05.2015 - Four researchers from WSL and SLF blog about their field work on the huge glaciers of inner Greenland. More

Vivian and Lothar

05.05.2015 - The windstorms Vivian (1990) and Lothar (1999) felled millions of trees in Switzerland. Trees are now growing at all windthrow sites. More


Avalanche infos

Avalanche bulletin

valid through 22 May 2015

Avalanche danger slowly receding in northern and eastern high alpine regions


Snow in the woods

New computer models
Schnee im Wald

06.05.2015 - Using remote sensing data SLF can calculate snow cover distribution in the forest better. More

Climate change

07.04.2015 - A study generated at the SLF shows what we can expect from Jack Frost in the coming 85 years. More

Satellite data

03.03.2015 - A feasibility study overseen by the SLF has demonstrated the ability of data captured in space to further improve avalanche forecasting. At present, however, the cost of implementation is too high. More