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Annual report 2015/16

Online in pdf format

13.10.2016 - The annual report 2015/2016 is now available online (in German and French). It contains a detailed description of the weather, snowpack and avalanche danger during the preceding hydrological year (October to September). A selection of avalanche accidents which caused damage to people and/or objects will be included later. More

Avalanche modelling

10.10.2016 - Thanks to a new model, the size and reach of avalanche starting zones can now be more accurately estimated. The relationship between terrain roughness and amount of deposited snow is the key. More

Arctic Circle Conference

07.10.2016 - Switzerland has been invited to present its involvement in the Arctic at a plenary session. WSL Director Konrad Steffen is a member of the Swiss delegation. More

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Snow information

Avalanche bulletin

In the summer and autumn, avalanche bulletins are published only in the event of heavy snowfall. You can be notified of their publication by way of the SMS service or RSS feeds.


Collaboration with Valais

Applied research

27.09.2016 - WSL will enhance applied research in the fields of natural hazards management, forest conservation and management, climate change, rural development and biodiversity within the Canton of Valais. More

Snowpack stability

08.09.2016 - For the very first time, scientists have been able to causally link patterns of snowpack characteristic variations to certain weather scenarios. Their findings could pave the way for forecasts which not only specify the general avalanche danger level, but reflect local variations as well. More

Tea time on mountain summits

05.08.2016 - SLF researchers are not drinking tea for scientific purposes, but burying it in the ground. Within the framework of an international project, scientists are investigating how tea decomposes in mountain soils. Their aim is to improve our understanding of the CO2 cycle. More

How Avalanches Form

04.07.2016 - In the laboratory, researchers are investigating the process which causes snow to fracture. They are endeavoring to establish whether acoustic signals could serve as an early warning. More