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Technical Avalanche Protection

First Handbook in English

21.01.2015 - The first handbook in English on technical avalanche protection is now available. With contributions from SLF. More

Swiss National Park

12.01.2015 - The book “Wissen schaffen” summarizes outstanding findings of 100 years of research in the national park. With contributions from WSL and SLF. More

SLF Winter reports

05.01.2015 - SLF has published winter reports yearly since 1936. Selected old reports are now available online. More



Avalanche dynamics

Importance of snow temperature
Granulationsexperimente in einem Betonmischer

05.01.2015 - Experiments with artificially triggered avalanches and a concrete mixer show the importance of the snow temperature for avalanche dynamics. More

Snow physics

03.12.2014 - Researching snow structures in minute detail would be impossible without smart technology. The SLF has a variety of measuring methods at its disposal which are suitable to the task. More


03.11.2014 - Today, computer models related work represents a significant part of the research performed at SLF. More

Avalanche bulletins

Danger through Monday, 26 January 2015

Edition: 25.01, 17:00

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