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Information for school pupils

For young, curious students

21.07.2014 - SLF is now offering interested school pupils an introductory programme in snow and avalanche science. The programme can be adapted for all age groupes. More

Winter 2013/14

10.07.2014 - The preliminary annual snow and avalanche report 2013/14 is available online in German and French. It offers comprehensive information on weather, snowpack, avalanche danger and avalanche activity during the last winter. More

Natural hazards portal

04.07.2014 - The new web portal, launched today by the SLF together with the other federal agencies with responsibility for natural hazards, provides a synopsis of the current situation of natural hazards in Switzerland. More


Snow information

Avalanche bulletin

In the summer and autumn, avalanche bulletins are published only in the event of heavy snowfall. You can be notified of their publication by way of the SMS service or RSS feeds.



RApid Mass Movement System

01.07.2014 - Avalanches, debris flows and rockfalls are everyday occurrences in the mountains. RAMMS is a software package that allows these natural hazard processes to be evaluated and facilitates an assessment of the influences of protective measures. More

Snow on steep permafrost rock walls

02.06.2014 - How does snow influence the temperature of frozen rock walls? A novel combination of measurement and modelling techniques is being used to determine snow distribution and its impacts on the underlying rock in extremely steep terrain. More

Ground-penetrating radar for snow hydrological research

02.05.2014 - For purposes of forecasting floods and obtaining an overview of hydropower utilisation, it is important to know how much water is produced when the snowpack melts. A new ground-penetrating radar system is now available for efficiently and accurately measuring this so-called snow water equivalent. More