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New forecasting tool

29.09.2017 - In the new EU-project PROSNOW scientists from the SLF and other institutes develop a web-based platform for ski resorts. Its aim is to provide local forecasts of weather and snow cover for their snow management. More

Late frost

28.09.2017 - It sounds like a paradox: Due to climate change, trees growing at elevations higher than 800 m are increasingly being exposed to spring frost. That is the result of a study to which the SLF contributed. More

Snow melt in forests

27.09.2017 - A new publication by the Snow Hydrology Research Group demonstrates the importance of the surface temperature of trees in a forest for modelling snow melt. The American Geophysical Union has chosen to feature the article in the Research Spotlights section of its website. More

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Avalanche infos

Avalanche bulletin

valid through 23 October 2017

Onset of winter in northern regions brings heightened avalanche danger


Rockfall research

Experiments with large concrete rocks

03.10.2017 - For the first time in rockfall experiments, SLF researchers are using a specially instrumented 800 kg concrete rock. The aim is to reconstruct the entire trajectory of the rock in three dimensions. More

Rock fall in high alpine regions

11.09.2017 - The destabilisation of rock faces is the result of a long process that may last many thousands of years. A special 'dossier' article summarises the factors involved and the role of permafrost and global warming. More

Avalanche accidents in summer

10.08.2017 - It may be summer, but avalanches still pose a very real threat in some parts of the Swiss Alps. To prevent accidents, a few rules should therefore be followed when hiking or climbing in the mountains. More