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Biodiversity offers protection

28.06.2017 - Landslides repeatedly cause major damage in Switzerland. A report by the WSL produced within the framework of the National Research Programme "Sustainable Use of Soil as a Resource" (NRP 68) describes how soil stability can be improved long-term with relatively little input. More

Rock fall in the mountains

23.06.2017 - In the context of our research we are collecting information on rock fall in permafrost areas. If you observe rock fall in the mountains, we would be grateful for your feedback using our online form. More

Severe weather 2016

08.06.2017 - Severe weather events in Switzerland gave rise to property damage of about CHF 100 million in 2016. This was revealed by the annual analysis of the national storm damage database maintained by WSL. More

Diagonal 2017/1    

Avalanche infos

Avalanche bulletin

valid through 30 June 2017

Avalanche danger in high alpine regions


Mountain forests of the Alps

Natural disturbances on the rise

15.05.2017 - An international research team have produced a synopsis of long-term change in the forests of the Alps. Their work shows that rising timber stock in mountain forests has increased the incidence of natural disturbances. More

Rain on snow

03.04.2017 - A perennial topic at this time of year is the risk of flooding caused by melting snow, in particular if rain falls on the snowpack as well. More

Ice crystals

02.03.2017 - How are crystals oriented in the snowpack? Answers are provided by studies undertaken in the Antarctic snowpack. More