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Antarctic circumnavigation

End of the expedition

20.03.2017 - The Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE) reached Cape Town on Sunday, 19 March, completing its three-­month voyage around the great white continent. An EPFL and SLF researcher is leading one of the research projects. More

Antarctic research

10.03.2017 - Two SLF researchers recently brought home initial results from the SLF's first independent expedition to the Antarctic. More

Full-scale avalanche experiment

08.03.2017 - A successful full-scale avalanche experiment took place today at the SLF's Vallée de la Sionne avalanche test site in Valais (Arbaz district). More



Ice crystals

Orientation in the snowpack

02.03.2017 - How are crystals oriented in the snowpack? Answers are provided by studies undertaken in the Antarctic snowpack. More

Artificial snowmaking

01.02.2017 - The SLF is examining how much of the water ejected by snow lances is not transformed into snow on the ground. More

New test site

04.01.2017 - Investigations being conducted at the new test site in Laret are seeking to establish how much water is contained in snow, and how the climate and the snow are changing together. More

Avalanche bulletins

Danger through Thursday, 23 March 2017

Edition: 22.03., 17:00

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