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Snow and Avalanche Courses

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28.07.2015 - The SLF offers training courses for employees of avalanche services and SLF observers. Participants acquire a thorough knowledge of snow and avalanches. Registration is currently open for courses taking place in winter 2015/16. More

Protective effects of forests

10.07.2015 - A recently published study shows how powder avalanches and wet-snow avalanches have widely differing impacts on trees in avalanche-protection forests. More

Jazz meets SLF

02.07.2015 - On 11 July 2015 the Jazz formation "The Revivalists" will perform in the courtyard of the SLF. Starting at 2.30 pm, and in between music sessions, guests will have the unique opportunity to see the snow sport lab and the cold labs as well as SLF's workshop. More


Snow information

Avalanche bulletin

In the summer and autumn, avalanche bulletins are published only in the event of heavy snowfall. You can be notified of their publication by way of the SMS service or RSS feeds.


Energy Change Impact

Energy strategy 2050 - social and environmental implications
Energy Change Impact

01.07.2015 - In the context of a research programme entitled Energy Change Impact, the WSL and SLF are examining the consequences of a shift from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy in their effects on both society and the environment. More


05.06.2015 - In the midterm of a study within the National Research Programme 68 first results are presented on soil characteristics, land use and the effect of plants on soil stability. More

Snow in the woods

06.05.2015 - Using remote sensing data SLF can calculate snow cover distribution in the forest better. More