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Caution avalanches!

New edition of the leaflet

30.11.2016 - The latest knowledge about avalanches and how to prevent them on one leaflet. The 'Snow Sport Avalanche Accident Prevention' core training team (KAT), of which SLF is a member, is publishing a completely reworked and completed edition of the leaflet 'Caution avalanches!' More

WSL branch station in Sion

28.11.2016 - Engineer and mountain guide Pierre Huguenin succeeds François Dufour as head of station. More

Avalanche dynamics

23.11.2016 - A new high-resolution radar allowed for the first time to study the internal dynamics of powder avalanches: intermittent waves of snow, so-called “surges”, occur in the vicinity of the leading edge. Having higher velocity than the edge they can overtake it. More



Rockfall research

Experiments on Spitsbergen

03.11.2016 - The SLF has developed software capable of simulating rockfalls. The computer model is being continuously aligned more closely with reality by way of experiments, such as those recently conducted on Spitsbergen. More

Collaboration with Valais

27.09.2016 - WSL will enhance applied research in the fields of natural hazards management, forest conservation and management, climate change, rural development and biodiversity within the Canton of Valais. More

Snowpack stability

08.09.2016 - For the very first time, scientists have been able to causally link patterns of snowpack characteristic variations to certain weather scenarios. Their findings could pave the way for forecasts which not only specify the general avalanche danger level, but reflect local variations as well. More

Avalanche bulletins

Danger through Saturday, 3 December 2016

Edition: 02.12., 17:00

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