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Avalanche research on Einstein

09.02.2016 - On February 11th 2016 the SRF1 programme Einstein will be completely dedicated to SLF research and will show how snow flakes turn into avalanches. More


04.02.2016 - The SLF launched the web application ProNXD in 2016. It is an avalanche forecasting model that compares the local snow and weather situation with conditions recorded in the past, and thus enables safety authorities to assess the current avalanche danger more accurately. More

WSL Director

20.01.2016 - On application of the ETH Board, the Federal Council reappointed the Director of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, Konrad Steffen, for another four years. More



Remote sensing

The view from afar

01.02.2016 - More precise data on natural hazards such as avalanches and rockfalls can now be collected thanks to remote sensing devices mounted on drones, aeroplanes, helicopters or satellites. More

Wind tunnel

07.01.2016 - For this winter season, a ring-shaped wind tunnel was introduced at the SLF. Scientists use it to investigate the formation of snow-crusts due to the wind. More

The shift towards renewable energy

03.11.2015 - In view of the tremendous potential that exists for renewable energies in the Alps, it's important to get the balance right. The possible impact needs to be assessed before harnessing more of the ample resources available for hydropower, photovoltaic and wind projects. More

Avalanche bulletins

Danger through Saturday, 13 February 2016

Edition: 12.02., 17:00

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