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Latest avalanche bulletins

New archive view

20.03.2015 - The new archive view "Latest avalanche bulletins" offers a quick overview of the avalanche danger forecasts through the previous 5 days and easy access to those avalanche bulletins. More

Course setting

18.03.2015 - Together with a number of partners, the SLF has been investigating how courses are set for the various disciplines of the Alpine Skiing World Cup, and how the course setting influences the skiers' speed. More

Building protection

12.03.2015 - In collaboration with several engineering offices, the SLF has developed a software product for examining the cost-effectiveness of building protection measures. More



Satellite data

Perspective for avalanche forecasting
GAMMA Radar am Dorfberg

03.03.2015 - A feasibility study overseen by the SLF has demonstrated the ability of data captured in space to further improve avalanche forecasting. At present, however, the cost of implementation is too high. More

Avalanche detection

03.02.2015 - Together with the Swiss Seismological Service (SED) SLF is working on detecting avalanches with seismic sensors - as is usually done for earthquakes. More

Avalanche dynamics

05.01.2015 - Experiments with artificially triggered avalanches and a concrete mixer show the importance of the snow temperature for avalanche dynamics. More

Avalanche bulletins

Danger through Monday, 30 March 2015

Edition: 29.03., 17:00

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