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Young Scientists in Contest

22.08.2014 - On the 12th and 13th of September young (SLF-)scientists will be presenting their current scientific work in Davos. Prizes for the best presentations will be awarded at the end of the two-day event. The conference is open to the public. More

Course for teachers

12.08.2014 - The SLF in collaboration with the Swiss Snow, Ice and Permafrost Society (SIP) offers a continuing education course on „Snow and Avalanches“ for grammar school teachers (in German). The course will take place 05 to 07 March 2015. Registration is open now. More

Summer avalanches

08.08.2014 - After the enormous precipitation in July, extraordinary amounts of snow can still be found in high Alpine regions at the moment. Alpinists should therefore pay particular attention to the avalanche danger. More


Snow information

Avalanche bulletin

In the summer and autumn, avalanche bulletins are published only in the event of heavy snowfall. You can be notified of their publication by way of the SMS service or RSS feeds.



Position of the treeline

15.08.2014 - An experiment launched recently on the Stillberg is analysing tree seed germination at treeline altitude. The project forms part of a worldwide initiative that is examining how a variety of factors have an impact on the position of the treeline. More


01.07.2014 - Avalanches, debris flows and rockfalls are everyday occurrences in the mountains. RAMMS is a software package that allows these natural hazard processes to be evaluated and facilitates an assessment of the influences of protective measures. More

Snow on steep permafrost rock walls

02.06.2014 - How does snow influence the temperature of frozen rock walls? A novel combination of measurement and modelling techniques is being used to determine snow distribution and its impacts on the underlying rock in extremely steep terrain. More