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Risk management for natural hazards

The exploitation of mountain regions depends on their exposure to natural hazards, such as avalanches, rockfalls and flooding. Absolute protection against natural hazards cannot be provided for the simple reason that resources are limited. The Swiss Strategy on Natural Hazards adopted by the Swiss parliament therefore encompasses a range of measures, extending from the aversion of danger to an extensive culture of risk management.


Integrated risk management

Integrated risk management seeks to protect human life and property by deploying both financial and personnel resources in an effective and efficient manner.  >>more


Natural hazard processes

With a view to introducing new methods and guidelines for protecting and warning against natural hazards, we are investigating the formation, movement and deposition processes that accompany various Alpine natural hazards, such as debris flows, avalanches and rockfalls. >>more


Warning and information systems

In order to be able to give the population more reliable warnings in case of natural hazard events, and to improve crisis management, the SLF is developing information platforms and new forecasting models together with various partners. >>more