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Severe weather 2016 - Significant damage on the north side of the Alps

Severe weather events in Switzerland gave rise to property damage of about CHF 100 million in 2016. This was revealed by the annual analysis of the national storm damage database maintained by WSL.


WSL-Magazine - Nr. 1/17 has been published

The latest issue of the WSL magazine DIAGONAL has been published. It focuses on the key theme "Forest Reserves: Where nature has priority".


"Weekly report" - Monthly during summer

New snow and dry avalanches in high alpine regions, snow melt and wet avalanches at high altitudes. This is how the weekly report describes the snow and avalanche situation of the second half of May.


Avalanche bulletin - End of bulletin season

Until next autumn, avalanche bulletins are published by the SLF only in the event of heavy snowfall. You can be notified that an avalanche bulletin has been published via SMS or RSS feed.


Mountain forests of the Alps - Natural disturbances on the rise

An international research team have produced a synopsis of long-term change in the forests of the Alps. Their work shows that rising timber stock in mountain forests has increased the incidence of natural disturbances.


Avalanche Bulletin - In text form until further notice

Until further notice the avalanche forecasting service publishes the avalanche bulletin in text form. The information is available on the website and the App White Risk. An RSS Feed of the avalanche bulletin can be subscribed for updates.


Review of winter 2016/2017 - Short winter marked by little snowfall

Winter 2016/17 was characterised by warm temperatures and extremely little snowfall. Many places had continuous snow cover only for a very brief period. Seven people were killed in avalanches – significantly fewer than average over a 20-year period.


Annual report 2016 - Available online as PDF

The WSL annual report contains last year's highlights and relates financial information, business development and Corporate Governance.


Ice avalanches in Tibet - Chinese researcher visits SLF

A Chinese researcher is currently working at the SLF for a month. Using simulation software developed by SLF, he is learning how to improve evaluations of ice avalanche risks in the Tibetan Plateau.


Rain on snow - How much water runs off?

A perennial topic at this time of year is the risk of flooding caused by melting snow, in particular if rain falls on the snowpack as well.


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