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Practice meets Science - International course

26 participants from 11 countries take part in the first international snow and avalanche course for safety officers, avalanche forecasters and consulting engineers.


Winter tourims - Less snow, shorter ski season

A new study of the SLF shows bare Alpine slopes could be a much more common sight in the future.


Mountain permafrost - Continued warming trend

Measurements carried out by SLF and its partners in the Swiss permafrost monitoring network (PERMOS) show: soil temperatures at 10 – 20 metres depth were higher than ever last year at many locations. In the long run, a steady warming of the permafrost is expected.


Artificial snowmaking - How much water gets lost?

The SLF is examining how much of the water ejected by snow lances is not transformed into snow on the ground.


Avalanche release - New model

A recently developed model describes the principal factors contributing to the release of a slab avalanche.


Natural hazards - Fatalities have been falling since 1946

Since 1946, events associated with natural hazards have claimed more than 1,000 human lives. Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) have now compiled a database of these fatalities to analyse the development of casualty figures over time.


Arctic and Climate Change - Urgent Meeting in Davos

Today, leading scientists, government representatives and business leaders gather at the WSL- Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos, with Al Gore and Christiana Figueres, for urgent meeting on Arctic change.


Seen an avalanche? - Submit your observations

Please report your observations on the snow and avalanche situation. Your information is very interesting for the avalanche warning service. The most convenient way to file a report is via the SLF web page or the mobile app White Risk.


New test site - Snow measurements in Davos Laret

Investigations being conducted at the new test site in Laret are seeking to establish how much water is contained in snow, and how the climate and the snow are changing together.


Avalanche bulletins - Twice a day

With immediate effect the SLF is once again publishing the avalanche bulletin and interactive danger map twice a day, at 8 am and 5 pm. These products are available both on the SLF website and with the White Risk app.