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Ice avalanches in Tibet - Chinese researcher visits SLF

A Chinese researcher is currently working at the SLF for a month. Using simulation software developed by SLF, he is learning how to improve evaluations of ice avalanche risks in the Tibetan Plateau.


Rain on snow - How much water runs off?

A perennial topic at this time of year is the risk of flooding caused by melting snow, in particular if rain falls on the snowpack as well.


UNESCO Cultural Heritage - Dealing with avalanche danger

Today the Swiss government is submitting an application for the process of dealing with avalanche danger to be inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of Humanity’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. The SLF has played an instrumental role in preparing the application dossier.


Antarctic circumnavigation - End of the expedition

The Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE) reached Cape Town on Sunday, 19 March, completing its three-­month voyage around the great white continent. An EPFL and SLF researcher is leading one of the research projects.


Antarctic research - First independent expedition

Two SLF researchers recently brought home initial results from the SLF's first independent expedition to the Antarctic.


Full-scale avalanche experiment - Largest avalanche in 11 years

A successful full-scale avalanche experiment took place today at the SLF's Vallée de la Sionne avalanche test site in Valais (Arbaz district).


Ice crystals - Orientation in the snowpack

How are crystals oriented in the snowpack? Answers are provided by studies undertaken in the Antarctic snowpack.


Practice meets Science - International course

26 participants from 11 countries take part in the first international snow and avalanche course for safety officers, avalanche forecasters and consulting engineers.


Winter tourims - Less snow, shorter ski season

A new study of the SLF shows bare Alpine slopes could be a much more common sight in the future.


Mountain permafrost - Continued warming trend

Measurements carried out by SLF and its partners in the Swiss permafrost monitoring network (PERMOS) show: soil temperatures at 10 – 20 metres depth were higher than ever last year at many locations. In the long run, a steady warming of the permafrost is expected.


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