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Rockfall research - Experiments with large concrete rocks

For the first time in rockfall experiments, SLF researchers are using a specially instrumented 800 kg concrete rock. The aim is to reconstruct the entire trajectory of the rock in three dimensions.


Project PROSNOW - New forecasting tool

In the new EU-project PROSNOW scientists from the SLF and other institutes develop a web-based platform for ski resorts. Its aim is to provide local forecasts of weather and snow cover for their snow management.


Late frost - Risk increases at higher elevations

It sounds like a paradox: Due to climate change, trees growing at elevations higher than 800 m are increasingly being exposed to spring frost. That is the result of a study to which the SLF contributed.


Snow melt in forests - The effect of forest structure

A new publication by the Snow Hydrology Research Group demonstrates the importance of the surface temperature of trees in a forest for modelling snow melt. The American Geophysical Union has chosen to feature the article in the Research Spotlights section of its website.


Warmer climate - Fungi are sensitive

Climate warming will change the composition of the fungal community in the soil, especially in colder locations, like at the tree line. More


Snow Science School - Apply now

A field-based training course for snow scientists on state-of-the-arte snow measurement techniques will take place at Col du Lautaret, France from 11 to 17 February 2018. Applications are now possible.


Rock fall in high alpine regions - Background to their occurrence

The destabilisation of rock faces is the result of a long process that may last many thousands of years. A special 'dossier' article summarises the factors involved and the role of permafrost and global warming.


Conference Polar2018 - Call for Abstracts

SLF and WSL are organizing POLAR2018, which will take place in Davos, Switzerland from 15 - 26 June 2018. The goal of the conference is to bring together research from both poles as well as from high elevation areas. Abstracts can be submitted now. Further information


Winter 2016/17 - Annual report online

The annual snow and avalanche report 2016/17 (october 2016 - may 2017) is available online in German. It offers comprehensive information on weather, snowpack, avalanche danger and avalanche activity during the last winter (in German or French). More


Avalanche accidents in summer - Even small snowslides can have fatal consequences

It may be summer, but avalanches still pose a very real threat in some parts of the Swiss Alps. To prevent accidents, a few rules should therefore be followed when hiking or climbing in the mountains.


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