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Weekly report - Exceptionally little snow

The new weekly report shows: The present snow depths are well below average across Switzerland. From now on, the weekly report will be published again every Thursday (in German) and every Friday (in French) around 6 p.m.


Winter report 2015/16 - Available in pdf format online

The complete winter report 2015/16 is now available online (in German). It consists of an overview of the weather conditions, snow cover and avalanche danger, as well as a selection of avalanche accidents which caused damage to people and/or objects.


Caution - Avalanches! - Tips on avalanche prevention

The member associations of the Snow Sport Avalanche Accident Prevention core training team organise joint courses and provide tips on avalanche prevention. The latest issue of their leaflet entitled Caution – Avalanches! sums up and presents the latest snow science findings on a single sheet of paper.


Antarctic circumnavigation - Start of the expedition

The research ship Akademik Treshnikov is leaving Cape Town today to start the first research expedition with a complete Antarctic circumnavigation. An EPFL and SLF researcher is leading one of the research projects.


Snow measurements - Contributing to climate observation

By measuring over a long period how much water is contained in the snowpack (the snow water equivalent), the SLF is facilitating the detection of long-term changes in our climate system. Thanks to a fresh pledge of financial support from MeteoSwiss, the future of this measurement series is now secure.


White Risk - Numerous new features

White Risk TOUR has been completely revised. Its intuitive user interface facilitates simple and clear trip planning, now with topographic maps for France and Austria as well. The e-learning module LEARN is now available in four languages (DE, FR, IT, EN).


Polar research - SLF expedition

The WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) has conducted research in polar regions for a number of years, in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. This year too, two research expeditions will be heading off to the Antarctic.


Caution avalanches! - New edition of the leaflet

The latest knowledge about avalanches and how to prevent them on one leaflet. The 'Snow Sport Avalanche Accident Prevention' core training team (KAT), of which SLF is a member, is publishing a completely reworked and completed edition of the leaflet 'Caution avalanches!'


WSL branch station in Sion - New head

Engineer and mountain guide Pierre Huguenin succeeds François Dufour as head of station.


Avalanche dynamics - High-resolution radar measurements

A new high-resolution radar allowed for the first time to study the internal dynamics of powder avalanches: intermittent waves of snow, so-called “surges”, occur in the vicinity of the leading edge. Having higher velocity than the edge they can overtake it.


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