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Tips for freeriders - Improving the assessment of avalanche danger

The freeriding and ski touring season has begun. The onset of these activities is inevitably associated with an increase in the avalanche accident risk. In Switzerland around 150 avalanche accidents occur every year. The average death toll is 25. In more than 90 percent of cases, avalanches that give rise to accidents are triggered by the victims or members of their group. Given the requisite knowledge and appropriate behaviour, the risk of an avalanche accident can be significantly reduced. The SLF offers a variety of information sheets, publications and learning aids on the subject of avalanche prevention.


Avalanche science textbook - The perfect gift

Are you still looking for a present for Christmas or the New Year? Written by SLF employees, Lawinenkunde is a textbook in German that not only contains basic survival information, but also gives backcountry tourers, freeriders and snowshoe hikers a rich insight into the latest research and empirical findings. Clearly written and illustrated, the highly practical guide describes how avalanches occur, and explains how best to evaluate the avalanche danger in the field. The book is available from bookstores.


Antarctic expedition - Blog provides insight

SLF snow researcher Martin Schneebeli has been taking part in a study expedition in the Antarctic since December 3. His regular blog gives an insight into his work and illuminates his experiences in and impressions of the Antarctic.


Avalanche bulletin - New format

To coincide with the start of the 2012/2013 winter season, the SLF publishes today for the first time the completely renewed avalanche bulletin. Based on a zoomable, interactive danger map, the information is clearly presented. The principal distribution channels are the internet and a smartphone app.


Winderosion - SLF researcher wins award

SLF employee Dr. Benjamin Walter has been awarded the EPFL Ryhming prize for the best doctoral thesis in the field of fluid mechanics. His experimental work in the SLF wind tunnel has made it possible for the first time, using simple methods, to forecast the effectiveness of the protection against wind erosion afforded by different plant species.


Exhibition at the Coop - Shopping and avalanche science

Visit with your next purchase the touring exhibition “Weisse Pracht - weisse Gefahr (white splendor - white danger) organized by Coop and the SLF: What is the avalanche bulletin? What can we do to avoid avalanche accidents? Which rescue measures are necessary, if nevertheless an accident occurs? Answers to these and further questions find them from 14. – 24. November 2012 in the Pizol Shopping Center in Mels. >>


Symposium - Snow and Water Resources

”Alpine snow and water resources: yesterday, today, and tomorrow” – is the theme of the symposium “Forum für Wissen” which will take place on November 23rd, 2012 in Davos. What changes can we expect during winters in the future? What are potential solutions to growing anthropogenic demands on alpine snow and water resources? These topics will be discussed at this year`s forum with research and practical examples by professional, administrative and academic experts.


DACA-13 - Call for Abstracts

„Air, Ice & Process Interactions“. This is the overall theme of the Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly DACA-13, which will be held in Davos in July 2013. DACA-13, organised by the IAMAS and IACS associations of the IUGG, offers a platform to discuss the latest developments in atmosphere and cryosphere research. Key note presentations of world-leading experts, a carefully structured programme and extended poster sessions will guarantee an inspiring event. The call for abstracts is out now – check out!


Natural Hazard Newsletter - Latest Issue

After 25 editions and eight years, this is the final edition of the Natural Hazard Newsletter. The latest edition of the newsletter is now online. Next summer, we present the beginning of the new WSL Magazine “Diagonal” with which we will continue to inform you of natural hazard research and avalanche warnings. The last newsletter includs reports of the renewed avalanche bulletins for the coming winter season, better models for flood forecasting and new perspectives on wind erosion protection, among other things.


Research in Grison - Price for SLF researcher

The SLF doctoral student Nander Wever took part in the conference "Graubünden forscht" and entered a poster ind the "Young Scientists in Contest program". For his poster presentation, he was awarded one of the six cash prizes of 500 CHF. He presented how a well known model from soil physics can be used for snow. Specifically, he showed how this new approach can more accurately quantify melt water release. This work allows for better forecasts of potential flood events. 


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