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Information sheets & Tools

Further products are available in German

Achtung_Lawinen_Titel_EN Caution - Avalanches!

(Edition 2016)

The leaflet „Caution - Avalanches!“ addresses itself to the independent backcountry skiers and snowboarders. It also serves as an education tool. DOWNLOAD pdf, ORDER

SOCIAL SOCIAL - New group safeguarding aid

Surveys among backcountry tourers and freeriders bring to light a wide array of behaviour patterns. Many of these can help to specifically address and reduce avalanche hazards. ORDER

titelbild_interpretationshilfe_k.JPG Interpretation guide to avalanche bulletins
The Interpretation Guide helps the user to put into practice the contents of the avalanche bulletins. Changes were incorporated in later editions to reflect new formats and publication times for the avalanche bulletins, and the availability of supporting products. DOWNLOAD
Technische Richtlinie: Lawinenverbau im Anbruchgebiet Defense structures in avalanche starting zones.Technical guideline as an aid to enforcement
The guideline regulates the planning of snow supporting structures and the dimensioning of separated structures. The guideline is complementary to the relevant SIA standards. It is directed towards designers and project engineers. DOWNLOAD pdf
IACS The International Classification for Seasonal Snow on the Ground (ICSSG)
The international classification for seasonal snow on the ground is the result of a ICSI-UCCS-IACS Working Group on Snow Classification. The Working Group efforts have resulted in an UNESCO-IHP report detailing the snow classification scheme as well as a series of type faces for printing snow classification symbols. DOWNLOAD pdf