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Expert opinions and advice

The SLF represents an important interface between research and application. We also apply and share our technical know-how and expertise in expert opinions and by providing advice, producing guidelines and offering education and training. We can deliver end-to-end solutions to complex problems relating to avalanches. We have a long track record, in particular, of producing top-quality, comprehensive expert reports – based on the experience of our long-term staff as well as the latest research results. We provide our consulting services both at home and abroad (e.g. in Iceland, Chile, Alaska and Russia). Our clients include public institutions, such as highway departments and communities, as well as private organisations, including engineering companies, and railway and cableway operators (ski resorts).

In addition, we provide expert opinions for the courts as required, for instance, after avalanche accidents.

Our activities include the following topics:

  • Avalanche protection measures: supporting structures in starting zones, deflecting and catching dams, snow sheds, direct-protection structures (e.g. splitting wedges), supporting structures against snow gliding, and snow fences to control wind-transported snow
  • Risk evaluation for highways and settlements including cost-efficiency analysis for various combinations of protection measures
  • Avalanche hazard maps: consulting, quality management, expert advice for courts
  • Temporary preventive measures from artificial avalanche release by explosives to comprehensive safety concepts
  • Snow loads: forces due to gliding and creeping snow, snow loads on roofs, ice loads
  • Snow and ice problems on large structures (architecture projects)
  • Type testing: approval of supporting structures and grout for their anchoring
  • Avalanche accident and damage analyses