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Data service

Data can be obtained from the SLF for a fee. The following data are available from us:

Data captured by the automatic stations and observers

The SLF maintains a large network of automatic measuring and observation stations that collect data on snow, wind and temperature.

The observers record measurements at their stations every day from November to April. The data are monitored and, if necessary, corrected by SLF's experts.

The automatic stations deliver data every 30 minutes throughout the year. These measured values are neither verified nor corrected.

The measured values collected from all our networks are available as either raw or evaluated data aggregated over one day, one month or an entire winter (hydrological year from October 1 until September 30).

Graphical products

We offer ready-made graphical products based on the data collected in our observation network:

  • Winter plot (specimen)
  • Gumbel plot (specimen), to be used with Swiss standard SIA 261

Avalanche damage database

You can order extracts from our avalanche damage database.

Data inquiry

Data inquiries must be submitted by e-mail to and contain the following information:

  • Purpose of data use
  • Invoice address
  • Type of data (raw data, evaluations, avalanches) or graphical product
  • Measuring stations (or boundaries of region) to serve as data source
  • Measuring periods and measuring interval (time resolution)
  • Desired measuring parameters


The data are normally sent by e-mail. Graphical products are sent as PDF files and data are delivered in CSV files.


Fees and quotes available on request.