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Further products are available in German.

White Risk White Risk - Web-based, interactive avalanche prevention platform

White Risk is a web-based, interactive avalanche prevention platform. It raises awareness of the avalanche danger that prevails outside marked and open pistes, offers a wealth of information on the subjects of avalanche science and avalanche prevention, contains a new tour planning tool, and is closely linked to the app of the same name. White Risk is published by Suva and the SLF with the support of the Swiss Red Cross.
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White Risk - die App des SLF White Risk – The app

By way of the avalanche bulletin and snow and weather data, the smartphone app gives you up-to-date information about the snow and avalanche situation in Switzerland. The Tour function provided by the app allows tour plans produced on the Web to be depicted on maps offline. The smartphone's GPS function shows the user's current location on the tour plan. The app also contains basic information enabling you to assess the avalanche danger.
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slf image SLF Image brochure
The 13-pages brochure gives an overview of the SLF research and the services.
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Rettungskompass_e Rescue Compass

The Rescue Compass is a tool for professional avalanche rescuers. It consists of a weatherproof manual together with a checklist in the form of a dial, and serves rescuers as a handy risk management instrument. It is available to order from the WSL shop in German, French, Italian, Spanish and English, with either the European or the North American danger scale. Available languages: German, French (sold out), Italian, Spanish and English

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piste Preparation and maintenance of pistes

Handbook for practitioners

Mathieu Fauve, Hansueli Rhyner, Martin Schneebeli, SLF Davos (2002)

This handbook is intended for everyone who has an interest in preparing and maintaining pistes. In particular, it serves as a further educational aid for practitioners whose job is to ensure the availability of a suitable, high-quality snowpack.


Influences of snow supporting structures on the thermal regime of the ground in alpine permafrost terrain Influences of snow supporting structures on the thermal regime of the ground in alpine permafrost terrain.

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