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Icon map and QR code

We offer a variety of products that enable you to draw the attention of your customers and guests to the snow and avalanche information generated by the SLF.

Icon map

The icon map allows you to integrate the SLF's avalanche information in your own website. It provides the general public with simple and clear information about the avalanche danger. Among other things, the synopsis provided by the map is intended to encourage snow sport participants to obtain more detailed information from The icon map can be used, for example, to supplement a weather report with information about avalanche danger.

Icon-Karte (Beispiel)
Specimen icon map

QR code

QR code

The QR code is suitable for displaying on printed matter, such as information boards, brochures, flyers etc., which you wish to augment by offering a link to the snow and avalanche information produced by the SLF. The code links to a webpage that has been optimised for viewing on smartphones. This page recommends users to download the free SLF White Risk app. Available for both Android and iOS, this app gives users access to the full version of the avalanche bulletin, including supplemental products such as snow depth maps, and to avalanche prevention information and tours that have been planned on the platform For users who do not wish to download the app, the mobile page displays a teaser image of the icon map accompanying the avalanche bulletin. The map provides an overview of the avalanche danger situation in Switzerland. The principal purpose of this page is to draw mobile users' attention to the SLF White Risk app and encourage them to install it. The app is available in German, French, Italian and English. A single QR code operates in all four languages because it automatically directs the user to the page corresponding to the language activated in the mobile device's settings.

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